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2016/10/24; This occurred in Florida skies over a spiderop community, with chemicals trailing from the cloud. I take all my own photos. With whatever consumer device is available.
Project /INTHEBAG/ Deterrent contribution by MarleyLABS Problem Model 1) Pay attention to what is streaming from the cloud 10/24/2016. Should two neighbors have a dispute, and one grab a can of bug spray to chase the other, before proceeding to chase the neighbors; that neighbor might be said unstable as a person or organization. This can be understood on a larger map, to observe the south and inclusion of the other nations.... is it a weapon? 2) Article where putin of Russia talks about chemtrails. The picture on the right is a deterrent photo of flares deployed from an aircraft to avoid heat seeking missiles. Project /inthebag/, in development, is classified as a community deploy-able deterrent. 3) Article From 2009/11/30 the first reports of swine flu use by commercial spray plane equipment arrives online. Sequence Code resolves Year 2020. 4) To "he est" of the code, you need to identify the dates spraying of the population was done, as filmed by a NOAA or other geostationary satellite equipped with a camera. The best way to start your own investigation, is to go to a directory search engine like "Google, Yahoo, or Bing," and perform an image search for chemical trails seen by satellite. The following links, I have already done the search for you, initially, just click here, or here, or here. If you want to capture live footage, purchase your own GOES Box, to decode and record NOAA satellite footage directly from the satellite. Challenge: Try to understand manufacture, transport, and supply chain logistics for this propaganda activity and "spiderwebs". Challenge: If middle east has people at conflict in a "Mexican stand-off" for this issue; is shooting these planes down around the world, a trigger? What is the danger?

2009/11/30; Swine Flu filled plane downed near China border.
Deterrents This issue presented the exploration of deterrents for spiked planes or other viral, chemical, and biological uses, while planning to prevent them with plane or missile interception. The reference to "spike," has plane used for herbicidal or ecological warfare, i.e. pesticides, has the tanks introduced to the population with a gallon of virus or other biological and chemical contamination.
Read more about project plans to intercept and escort these planes. These plans include use of the state national guard and air force or private resources for intercept operations, to include civilian and martial law enforcement. Read more about deploying a local or government issue SkyNet in your town or city. SkyNet is a series of upward facing High Definition cameras. These camera perspectives are stitched together for a single observation, that is like a radar and compared to official FAA approved commercial activity on those routes. This is used for detecting and observing aerosol planes, and to identify escort opportunities for exhaust or chemical release issues. The Shape of Assault Read more about how Spiderops and chemical planes in the skies are correlated. Read more about how MTV, Massage Television in Targeted Communities and chemical planes in the skies are correlated. Read more about how Spiderops lights the fuse for the next Pearl Harbor, and how a type of induction was approved by the presidential administration Article: On a front line in America; An inside look at community induction programs.
Assaults on the Garden region of the American South and European Union These photos are pictures of planes which appear to be flying back and forth between interstate airports with a chemical payload that was disbursed over the garden, flock, and people. The chemical planes, painting Chicken feet in the skies over American towns and cities, are to be met. Here are some photos of the "biggest aerial dump in World history," portion of the incidents included; The 2001 Incident, Region South East United States The 2004 Incident, Region South Central United States The 2007 Incident, Region South West United States Incident, Region England, France Incident, Region Germany, Central European Union Here is a link to a book written by a member of the /SPIDERHUNTER/ Forum, back when this first became an issue. What started this covert conflict for the United States Mainland? The chemical application with planes, by some group of people, to more than 14 other garden territories and acting as aggressor, to men among other nations, is the partial "why" of recent covert conflict for the United States Mainland. For the record, we do not use the weapons which give us a reason to fight; this is what gives our militia honor, and with a just weapon. Solution Model Development This solution is being developed for presentation to the United States Army and State chemical analysis laboratories. This bag is used to identify, with collection of samples and further analysis, the Aerial deployment of chemical weapons, pesticides, or herbicides during a dispute or other operation. An other consideration, is detection of these substances across state lines or agreed international boundaries. Project in the Bag : Sample. This is cheap to manufacture, and cheap to distribute. The Pre-paid postage bills an account each time a bag is mailed, and the laboratory collects from the fund each time a sample is sent for analysis. These bags will be distributed with the hand tools. If unusual activity is noted, a top soil sample is collected with sterile bag and instruments, put in the bag, and then in the mail box. This kit will cost about $2 (estimate only) to manufacture for distribution. Update: Project /SPIDERHUNTER/ is a deterrent for the installation of dangerous infrastructure harming the people above it. Project "In the bag" is a deterrent for the use of planes or other mechanisms delivering a chemical or polluting load. Contents will include: 1 Sterile Addressed Bag 1 Set of latex gloves 1 Sterile plastic Scoop and/or Spoon 5 Sterile swaps (for walls and duct work) 5 Chemical Weapons and/or specialized Litmus Paper This bag will be distributed to communities where aerial spraying and spiderwebs are found. Additional Uses: Person(s) noticing pollution or other corporate wrong doing can take a sample and send it to the EPA in the nation they are located, anonymously, and to avoid retaliation by the employer against whom the sample is provided.

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