Frequently Asked Questions

! This FAQ is still being developed. If you would like to volunteer to assist writing, correction, and presentation, send an email to contact@governmentofanarch.com.

What is the difference between the hand tool and the sensor set combinations in development? The hand tool is combined with a community map. This is used to plot the shapes of detectable subsurface issues and locate drill sites and other issues. The sensor, is an electronic solution that works like the hand tool, and this is combined with a digital map. The first method of detection with hand tool and community map, is identical to the second method with electronic sensor and digital map. Both methods require someone or something to be in motion over the area in question, on foot or in a vehicle. Both methods use a tool set to plot, on an area map, what is located. The first method is a developed skill set, and requires learning to use a hand tool, to draw a map. The second compensates for the developed skill set, with electronic substitution and additional features. What is a crazy bunker operation? These operations use a series of wires with a surface permeable signaling. The electrical field over the surface, when a human is exposed to this trickle charge on a regular basis, can destabilize a person and create a deliberate psychosis. This deliberate electrical imbalance is created by the wiring immersing someone inside an electrical field. The longer a person is exposed, the more likely symptoms like V2S or other symptoms emerge.These maps indicate that rather than using one line with surface signature to affect a person, the crooks "stacked them up" to work quicker. A website like "www.stopeg.com" describes some operation tactic. The ACLU, American Civil Liberties Union, suggest persons affected by these wiring deployments live only 12 years from the start of the program. Targeting children at home and in the classroom... light representation How is the Mapping software integrated with GIS? The position of the devices noted here, drone, cellphone with tool set, and carriage sensors is each with GPS positioning. This indicates a numerical value for sensor relative to satellites broadcasting a positioning signal, and stores a value in an IC chip, after location is interpreted by electronics. This position is matched to the GPS position of an accurate map when the sensor is near an active line. How will fleet vehicles help to map the problem? Fleet sensors permit this group to use a magnetic attachment for the sensor set, coupled with a cellphone, and applied to the carriage of each fleet vehicle. This can track multiple positions and sensor activity at the same time. This is to quickly build an intelligence data set for the county to take action on the issue. When we are done with one area, we collect the sensors from the fleet vehicle carriages, and move to the next fleet vehicle area to update map data. How does the drone communicate with the cellphone and the fleet vehicles? All three of these, drone, cellphone, and carriage sensors, do not directly communicate at the same time. These are sensor input positions with functions, built in part by this project, coupled with a described form of mobility. These input points update a geographic mapping software as each are used to identify a problem area. The input from these devices is accessible by other parties, and because these are inputs, there can be more than one of each updating the GIS map for a plan of action. Can I participate with if I am in an other state or country? Yes! The mapping software I will use has maps for almost every county and other states and countries. If mapping is available with GPS in those regions, then the sensor input will update a proper location for what is detected. The sensor sets will be made available for purchase if you would like to fly a drone or use the carriage sensors for your own mapping endeavor in another region. I want to contribute as a developer. Your website suggest a partner opportunity. How do I become a team member? Find a way to communicate or send an email to the project and tell me what your good at! Does OCAP Media have anything to do with these spiderwebs? Yes. OCAP is a changed media delivery protocol, that is opensource, and available on most modern media delivery systems. This often delivers commercials, or other content targeted for coercion based on information collected from the home. The added content, or subliminal is delivered with the spiderwebs. In our area, the men drilled under the adult bedrooms, and the children's bedrooms in each of the houses, to deliver them content and agitate in the bedroom. The agitation is from a constant charge delivered to the occupants of the house in each of the rooms. These sensors detect the inductive charge along those paths mapped as spiderweb or other shapes. I have my own project and like this concept, can I work on it too? Yes, this project might eventually help to build a standard for independent participation with the same topic of mapping infrastructure issues. Co-ordination with this team, has the benefit described like this, we have never filed charges against any parties during the research project. Our goal keeps it about technology, and disarms these sites as they are found. I want to integrate the sensor set with other mapping tools and delivery methods, can I do this? Yes! Contact the laboratory if I can be of assistance. How was the sensor set developed? I learned to use the dowsing tool. It was clumsy at first, but I eventually learned how to use the rabbit ear type dowsing. After a period of detecting in the same locations, and each time I surveyed to make the same map, I began to duplicate what was being identified by the hand tools, with an other sensor. If you want to participate, find an other detection solution or use an existing. To find your own method, use the rods and try to duplicate what is being found under foot. This is what I am integrating with GIS and with GPS, the accuracy of a hand tool with what is detected, and to resolve the issue for our communities. Are these drills used to deliver phone lines? Yes! A phone line is a mole tactic. It uses a sensitive microphone to the basement wall for a fly on the wall strategy, that is for collecting intelligence. This is not found with the sensor set, because these lines are not energized to affect an area. The energized lines detected with spiderhunter use electrical fields to bother an occupant or deliver inaudible cuing. You call these IWDs, improvised weapons deployments, why? As an IWD, this practice is a crazy bunker strategy. Soldiers in a pill box, who are not wanted, might experience this strategy. Rather than being made ill in the pill box, one soldier after the next, the source of the bother is now identifiable when doing a perimeter check as part of a sensor set for the purpose. Because these systems are not improvised, found when investigation is made into the topic and origin of the influence; An iWD does not really exist as improvised. Because the occupant can not refuse the influence or the changed media a part of these programs, it might be classified as a weapon which has been deployed. This wiring, when part of a crazy bunker strategy, the soldiers are electrocuted trying to dig out of the affected area or get away from an aerial assault. How does this work, If i find the lines under my community? This practice is referred to as induction, and often the media interference is part of the problem model. Standing inside and electrical field can be harmful to a person. Research the topic of persons affected by directed energy weapons, and the result is apparent. The group of men who work the areas depicted in these photos, selected to add more lines producing a surface permeable signature and to work faster. An issue is the time it takes to affect the occupant of a home could be many years and more. The presentation of a quick detection, changes an economic exchange for this activity, which could now have the group facing off with police officers, angry parents, and other concerned citizens; because we can find the drill sites. Why is this dangerous? A small CRT circuit lights up a television tube, when moved perpendicular to these identified paths, and slightly in a dark room. I have referred to this practice as lighting someone up; something that can make an occupant experience a slow onset for a kind of psychosis. To find remission and relief, remove the wiring harness or move out of an area. Advise your real estate agent, they can not sell the home without informing of the hazard present to the occupant and the community. This project aims to detect all the sites in the county, and eventually the state, for a disarm strategy. These sites are known to cause medical problems including weight loss, psychological disorders, strokes, natural death, and other side effects as result of the constant electrical stress. How is a spiderweb made? The crook uses a directional drill in a same location. The drill bores a path for a few hundred feet, leaves a guide wire or wire pack, and removes the bore. The machine is incremented slightly in another direction, and another bore is made. The job is quick, taking only a few hours per bore. The wire work when detected, looks like a spiderweb or other patterns. For the crooks, when the work was done, finding the drill site was previously not easy to do. "The practice was fired like a bullet by crooks who thought no one would hear." Speculation Is tactic of a horseman. Dig out the lines to discover who. For chronic spy problems, Bug spray is not available at your local Walgreens. How will the civilian sensors be manufactured? A three dimensional desktop printer will print the sensor housing, and the sensors stack is inserted inside of the housing for sale and/or distribution. The leads are attached to the selected configuration and to a relay for the mapping software. When the sensor makes a circuit, the mark is placed on the map. The analog intensity sensor, for a peak to peak detection method, also uses a three dimensional printer to print the housing. When someone refers to a mosquito, what does this mean? A drill path with a single bore with a microphone line, is sometimes called a Mosquito. If the whole area is drilled out, the term spiderweb is used. Exercising the "Mosquito" or the "spiderweb" is a reference to using the suggestive hardware to work an issue with inaudible cues. This is sometimes used with OCAP intrusion. Why is this hand tool with a map, considered a deterrent? The economic exchange for this induction crime, previously, was that it was not easy to find, it was quick money, no body is seen near the monitored sites. If it was found, it only required protecting the operation long enough to discredit, or make sick with symptom, a targeted family and community. This hand tool complicates the economic reward for this activity by presenting a method for rapid detection, and it is combined with an ease of use. This hand tool can be made with items used regularly in your home, military, or business location. When symptoms become suspect, this tool can be used, or a sensor, for regular perimeter checks of a facility or property location. Is this project information available in other places? Yes. This information will be available at MarleyLABS when the expiration for this project funding attempt is found. http://www.marleylabs.com/marleylabs/ is where to find a continuation of this information set or the forums online. Can I have a copy of the prototype internal specifications? Yes! Send a request to MarleyLABS and you can print and assemble your own sensor set, or wait for it and/or a tool set to be mailed to you.

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