Project Scope
Technical and Process Diagrams

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The hand tool and printed community map, or the sensor set and a digital map.
About the surveys depicted; any person in the area can verify these wiring paths!
A targeted community; 1 of 15 surveyed. The people living on these drills sites, could be renters. Pull the meter at a site, and the wiring is not detectable anymore.
A targeted school. This school had the water main broken by a directional drill. Farmer watermelons drilled under the elementary school. Why? This required a perimeter check. This school and the local police were notified when survey came up positive. This crazy bunker operation took about 20 minutes to find with the tools set.
An other targeted school 2 of 2 in this series. Any person can verify this survey with the same tools presented here, or other calibrated hardware. This required a perimeter check. This school and the local police were notified when survey came up positive. This crazy bunker operation took about 20 minutes to find with the tools set.
A bank and an FBI Building targeted with the detectable wiring. Not the first people to think about robbing a bank with a directional drill.
Hands tools for sensor.
Sensor as a tool set reduction and simplification prototype. Teaching enforcement to use a new tool is difficult, and this sensor is being developed to avoid challenging others to learn a new tool. Support on this website is designed to help interested persons.
This presents a twenty five cent measure of detection worth its weigh in gold when combined with a community map marking what is underfoot.
This is a supplement for /SPIDERHUNTER/ To disarm these sites, the power meter at the drill site needs to be pulled, then cut the wire feeding the bore path.
A code enforcement wand, used for one type of detection of sub surface lines.
This wand can detect surface permeable signaling at a fifteen foot depth for the cable. The aggitate someone, multiple bore paths are put under same target.
Spot D Tek IV 4 mole map remote display directional drill locator digitrak four. What a way to get a mole under a building with a directional drill. Use this to find it.
Meter detection after the lines are identified.This is one way to detect the voltage on the body. The meter is also used for field circuit identification.
Pictures of trenchers and drill equipment used for this construction crime. The following photos are a demonstration of portability.
This is a directional drill or trencher unit. These units can drill up to 1 mile. Dowsing and the electronic sensor detect these electrified paths.
These machines make quick work of a constant electrical stress in these areas. To make the spiderweb, a same position machine is incremented slightly to other houses.
This line under the house, is like an underground dog fence stacked up. The wand from code enforcement demonstrates that surface signature can penetrate to ten feet.
Drill path under roadway. This picture depicts two sonde units on the drill path. A search on a popular video website for directional drill demo, gives more information.
Disconnect the meter at the drill sites after identification, or cut the line for the underground feeds, and the wiring paths are not detectable anymore.
Patterns from a drill site location. The drill site is often at the middle of an active EF mapped web. I call this /SPIDERHUNTER/ because of the wiring shapes found.
/SPIDERHUNTER/ Intro slide
This is a depiction of the Drone working with boots on the ground precision and hand or digital tools. This is a piece of development.
This is a depiction of Data plotted in the GIS with cooperation of drone and boots on the ground. The drone detects general community,response personel verify paths.
A vehicle and/or carriage sensor use.
This depiction is of an active fleet vehicle, where passive sensors update a GIS alerting city management. Useful for making other infrastructure detection.
Information use model, collected by field sensor sets. These computer depiction has two sensors which plot data onto a digital map when a path is detected.
A hand tools and/or cellphone sensor use. The cell phone has a manual tool input, and sensor input where available on the handset.
Drone coordinates with ground detection prompting further investigation of the area by other tools.
This is a picture of a drone I can not afford. However, the depiction of for a flight over the county to identify anomalous energy readings and then verify on foot.
Drone will fly over the county. As the drone flies, it detects with GPS accuracy the communities with a questionable signature.
The use of Drone, GIS, and Hand Tool precision for better mapping of the problem model. The shared maps indicates a requirement for further investigation.
Coordination of response for data set. Once the aerial and location check is complete. The data is used to coordinate a state or county response.
Use of Multiple Vehicles to plot em detection for predictive drill site identification. Finding Area of Affect weapons deployed into communities.
The pattern shapes underground, and the method they are drilled, appear like spiderwebs and other pattern shapes when surveyed. A sign like this is placed near roadways.
A photo of mapping software. This sensor hardware combination will draw these locations on the map and connect the dots to drill site locations.
Team Logic a piece of response modeling for detection and disarm scenarios.
National to International Strategy, Local detection and laboratory work are eventually expanded to nationla and international location practices.
Information use and collection model, collected by field sensor sets is evaluated and rechecked as part of a service loop confirming compliance with an order to disarm.
Use model for this authority claiming jurisdiction of "spiderwebs."
Deterrent. These are needed to demonstrate a detection capability and to prevent further use of the same method to harm a community, with such a demonstration.

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